Conductive PLA Filament

Product Details:
Place of Origin:Shenzhen, China
Certification:Rohs, SGS
Weight:1 kg
Color:more than 20 colors
Tolerance:+-0.05 mm
Diameter:1.75 mm/2.85mm

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Conductive pla is based on normal pla. PLA plastic materials have gradually been widely used in many areas, but its inherent electrical insulation makes PLA products easy to accumulate static charge, forming a higher static voltage, cause dust and other dirt adsorption, electrostatic discharge ESD and electric shock phenomenon.

For many applications of plastic products, such as anti-static turnover box, IC and LCD tray, IC packaging, chip carrier, film bag. We are required to have a certain conductivity to provide a good anti-static or electrostatic dissipation or EMI / RFI shielding performance. Then electrically conductive pla is the best solution for you.

FAQs about Conductive PLA Filament

Conductive plastic is a kind of plastic with conductive properties after physical modification, which is usually made by mixing conductive materials such as carbon black, carbon fiber, graphite, metal powder and wire into the resin.

Carbon black composited conductive plastic is one of the most common and widely used conductive plastics, because carbon black is rich in resources, low in price, stable and lasting conductive performance after composite, it also has good conductive performance, good processing performance, and has certain enhancement function to the plastic.

The conductivity is related to the particle size, structure, variety, oil absorption value, porosity and filling amount of carbon black. Generally speaking, the smaller the particle size, the larger the oil absorption value. The more pores, the higher the conductivity.

Conductive PLA is made up of Nature works 4032D PLA, conductive carbon black and other material. It has a large surface area and surface roughness, small particle size, low carbon composition, and volatile matter. On the other hand, it has a high electrical conductivity.

The surface resistance is about 10^3 – 10^4 ohm.

Printer Nozzle: 210-230 degree

Heated bed: 50-70 degree

Cooling fan: On

Actually, we did not make a detailed test with conductive pla filament. The appearance of conductive pla is matt black. Compared to PLA, conductive pla is more brittle and will break when you bend repeatedly with 90 angles.

No, we don’t recommend the use. Conductive pla has low conductive, it only uses in low-voltage parts.

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