ABS Filament

Product Details:
Place of Origin:Shenzhen, China
Certification:Rohs, SGS
Weight:1 kg
Color:more than 20 colors
Tolerance:+-0.05 mm
Diameter:1.75 mm/2.85mm

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ABS, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is a commonly used therms plastic in industrial. It is made from petroleum and easy to get, low cost and good mechanical properties make this material widely used in industrial application, such as Lego brick, it is also made of ABS material.

As 3d printing material, ABS filament has many advantages, It has high heat resistance and the glass transition temperature is about 100 ℃, it means this material could bear high temperature before it begin to soft. Due to this feature, ABS part can be used in high temperature atmosphere. ABS is also high durability material, it has great performance in keep aging and chemical resistance.

Setting with 3D Printer

Printer temperature: 230-250 °C

Heated bed: 80-100 °C

Cooling fan: off

Enclosure: need

Tips for print with ABS filament

  1. Minimize Warping

Wrap is the most common issue in printing. ABS is a type of thermoplastic, it will shrink if temperature cool down. When abs filament is extruded from the nozzle, the surrounding temperature is much lower than nozzle. The first layer will trend to wrap and will separate from printer plate, this will ruin the print. In order to avoid this problem, we need to use heated bed to improve adhesive. The temperature could be 70-90 degree. Enclosure is also needed for ABS filament, this could keep the surrounding temperature be same, reduce the wrap.

  1. Using brim and rafts

As we said the below, abs filament is heavy warping in printing. When print with big diameter model, heated bed and enclosure can not assure there will be no warping in print. Before print the first layer, brim and raft could help with the bottom plate bonding. The only problem is that brim and raft is very hard to remove.

  1. Drying abs filament in oven

ABS filament is hygroscopic, it can absorb the water in humid surroundings. When print with Non-drying abs filament, filament together with water are heated in hot end, there will be bubbles in nozzle. This will reduce the layer adhesive and make abs filament cracking between layer.

  1. Print in room has good ventilation

ABS filament produces a strong odor when printed. And the amount of toxic substances released during the printing process is much higher than that of PLA. Therefore, you need ventilation room to print ABS filament.

Most questions you need to know


  1. Good Stiffness and durability
  2. Good heat resistance
  3. Longer shelf life
  4. Low Cost and easy to get
  5. Recyclable
  6. Good electrical insulation
  7. High printing speed
  8. Less oozing and stringing in printing, gives models smoother finish
  9. Better dyeing performance


  1. Made out of oil, so more damaging to the environment
  2. Fumes in printing
  3. Higher printer temperature
  4. Needs heated bed or heated enclosure
  5. Heavy warping
  6. Poor weather resistance
  7. Poor solvent resistance

The lifespan of ABS raw material is about 3-5 years. After the expiration, ABS may appear aging, brittle phenomenon, it affects the performance of products. For most of the user in 3d printer, this is enough time to use out the material.

ABS filament is flexible in natural, it will only bend under pressure, not break. If abs filament appear to brittle, most of the time, it’s because ABS filament is not dry, you should dry abs filament in oven several hours.

ABS filament is not toxic and also cannot contact with food.

It about 400 meters for 1.75 mm. We always use the weight for rolls.

Yes, we offer large spool of ABS filament, such as ABS filament 2 kg, 3 kg, 4 kg and 5 kg.

ABS filament has poor performance in UV resistance. If you need to use part in outdoor, ASA filament is alternative for ABS filament.

Yes, ABS filament could dissolve in acetone. Due to this feature, acetone always smooth part to get better finish.

Yes, ABS filament could print in all the FDM printer, such as Maker bot, Ultimate, Prusa, creality ender 3, Anycubli i3 mega.

Yes, ABS filament has good waterproof performance.

As the manufacturer of ABS filament, we provide bulk discount with ABS filament. The cost depends on the quantity and average price(EXW) is about 8.5-10.5 USD per kg.

According to our experience, mostly because the filament is oversized. You could set the motor moving in reverse direction, and pull the filament from extrude. Then remove the part of oversize and print again.

About 3d filament in our company, we always use two steps assure the diameter, one is laser detector, it will be alarm if the diameter is out of range. We also let filament pass the hole in production, the diameter of hole is about 1.80 mm. If the size is above 1.80 mm, abs filament can’t pass the hole and will be break. From these section, our abs filament could be 100% in the range, there are no issues about the diameter.

Hoping this guide will be helpful for you. If you have other concerns, please fill the form, and we will reply to you soon.