Bulk 3D Printer Filament Wholesale

Focus on wholesale and OEM service, including on customized color, package for customer. PLA, ABS, PETG, Flexible filaments are provided here.

Why Our Customer Choose us

High Quality Assurance

All the material are made of virgin resin, no recycled material added. For each batch of filament, there has part number inside. This will help us to track the quality and process.

Professional Support

Our material team are dedicated in searching and testing new material in 3d printing. For the common problem in 3d printing, they will help to fix and provide solutions.

Privacy Protection

We have used ERP software to storge the customer date. Each has a unique account. We could guantted that these data will not be shared or leaked out。

Fast Delivery

Based in Shenzhen, China. It is very convenient for the shipping. For air order, ship will be arranged in three working days. This will save your time and money.

Production Capacity

We have six production lines for produce 3d printing filament. Meanwhile, there has another produce line which is used for Tpu and carbon fiber filament.

OEM Solution

Customized product are provided here, such as brand material, customized material color, package. It aslo includes large spool filament(2kg, 3kg and 3kg spool).

What Our Customer Say Us

What I appreciated the most was the fact that the product arrived at the precise time and I received a 1 years warranty. I would recommend ECO to those who need and appreciate quality services and products. Their team is professional and they helped me more than what I expected.

Steve James

Our business is based in Europe. ECO offer the desired effect in boosting our 3d filament business and sales volume. They handle most of the quality control and technology problems, We still have much work to do and grow our business and we will establish a long term relationship with him.

Bryan Smith