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ECO is the leading 3D Printing filament supplier providing PLA filament, ABS filament,  Flexible(TPU TPE) filament, PETG and Wood filament from 1.75mm to 2.85mm or customizable.

Our factory passes ISO 9001:2015 certificate. and have rich experience work with many clients, that ensure that ECO will keep improve ourselves to supply you high-quality material, and meet your requirement.

QC Process

Raw Materials: Incoming Quality Control

Colored Resin: In Process Quality Control

Laser Measure: Process Quality Control

Rolling and Package: Final Quality Control

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What I appreciated the most was the fact that the product arrived at the precise time and I received a 1 years warranty. I would recommend ECOREPRAP to those who need and appreciate quality services and products. Their team is professional and they helped me more than what I expected.

Steve JamesEngineer

What I want to say about our 3d printing filament business is the Europe ECOREPRAP has certainly had the desired effect in boosting our 3d filament business and sales volume. They handle most of the quality control and technology problems, We still have much work to do and grow our business and we will establish a long term relationship with ECOREPRAP.

Bryan SmithPurchasing Manager

I want to feel that I am one person agent for ECOREPRAP. I want show our joramco that your product in huge projects like industrial like huge markets huge factories huge projects.

James JmlectroCEO
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