Custom Package Services

Our custom package services, featuring tape, cartons, and barcodes, cater to specific custom cnc machining needs, ensuring seamless delivery for customers like Amazon e-commerce.

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Custom Package Services

For certain customers, such as Amazon e-commerce, we provide customized packaging services, including tape, cartons, and barcodes. Customers can sell directly after receiving the parts.ECOREPRAP is more than custom parts maker, your industrial solution provider.

All uploads are secure and confidential

Value Added Custom Package

Any ways to prompt your brand, we are happy to assist.

Custom Tape

Send us your logo or other design, and our tape supplier will provide customized tape services with MOQ 20 rolls. The design can be in simple black or colorful ones at your request.

Custom Carton

We can provide you with boxes in more than two colors for e-commerce company. The professional carton supply chain will provide customized quality, receive the goods, and sell them directly, making your sales easier.

Custom Barcode

For e-commerce sellers such as Amazon, in addition to customized boxes, we can provide barcoding services as required. We can send the goods directly to Amazon warehouses or other overseas warehouses.

Other Customized Services

If you have other customized needs, for example, purchase accessories from China, contact us and we will try our best to be helpful.

Case Study

Custom Box for Medical Parts Holder

One medical company wanted to provide a free accessory for their equipment users. ECOREPRAP made two rapid prototyping samples with 3D printing and CNC machining. After comparison, the customer chose 3D printing from a cost perspective.

In order to promote the brand, the customer ordered 500 customized cartons. From the prototype to batch order delivery, it only took15 days for the customer to receive high-quality parts ahead of schedule.

Custom Package FAQs

Currently, we provide custom tape and carton box.

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