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Bakelite CNC Machining

Bakelite is a well-known thermosetting material and its chemical name of bakelite is Phenolic Resin Plastic,

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Bakelite CNC Machining

Bakelite, or phenolic resin, is a thermosetting plastic. One of its notable features is excellent electrical insulation, making it suitable for various electrical components. Additionally, Bakelite exhibits impressive heat resistance, maintaining its structural integrity at elevated temperatures. Its durability and resistance to chemicals further enhance its suitability for industrial applications. However, Bakelite undergoes a chemical reaction during molding, resulting in a rigid and durable structure that cannot be reshaped.

Bakelite found diverse applications across industries during its heyday. In the realm of electrical engineering, it became a staple for manufacturing electrical insulators, switches, and connectors due to its superior insulating properties. The automotive sector benefited from Bakelite’s use in components like distributor caps and brake systems. Consumer goods, particularly radios and telephones, prominently featured Bakelite. Its heat resistance and durability made it an ideal choice for industrial components such as gears and handles. While its prevalence has diminished with the advent of modern plastics, Bakelite remains a historic material that played a pivotal role in the early development of synthetic polymers.


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Cost-saving Design Tips

To reduce costs, limit part setups numbers, inspection dimensions or tight tolerances numbers, and deep pockets with small radii.

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Yes, Bakelite is easy to be CNC machined.

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