About us

3d printing is an amazing technology. We are attracted by its self-replicating and multi-material used. My first printer is RepRap in 2011, it is a low-cost 3D printer, I have purchased all the kits from the internet. It is a bad experience when we print with brands of filaments. Oversize diameter, bubble, impurity, and few color options. Meanwhile, the price is also expensive. Whether we could make filaments at an affordable price or not, sometimes this idea appears in my mind.
In 2012, we have encountered Kevin, who has much experience in plastic processing. He is also interested in 3d filament, then ECO set up this year. To celebrate the first open-source 3d printer, RepRap uses it for our domain.
Our mission is to provide high-quality 3d filament at an affordable price. Print experience is the most important factor we are pursuing, then it is the price. Our items are not the cheapest type, but it has best cost performance. For example, premium PLA filament is more flexible than normal, fewer tangles due to neat winding technology, two-step measure inspection could ensure the diameter in the range, you could go out for coffee with long time printing, without worry about being interrupted with oversize or others.
The second is that we want to provide more materials for enthusiasts in 3d printing. Apart from PLA and ABS, other materials will continuously be released, such as PP, PC, PC/ABS, TPE, TPU, TPEE, and others. Functional Materials are also offered here, including flame retardant, conductive, and so on. 
We believe that 3d printing could change the world, let’s join to contribute to the field now.