Abundant Surface Finishes Services

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TypeSub TypePhotoApplicable ToMachining MarksCosmetic AvailabilityColorTolerances
As MachinedAs Machined
Ra 1.6
MetalsVisible, light surface scratchesNoNATolerances not affected
As Machined
Ra 3.2
PlasticsVisible, light surface scratchesNoNATolerances not affected
Mechanical FinishesBeadblastingMetalsRemoved on primary surfacesOn requestNANot affected except for specific features
Mechanical PolishingMetals, PMMA, PCRemoved on primary surfacesAlways cosmeticNAMet after polishing
BrushingMetalsRemoved on primary surfacesOn requestNAMet after brushing
Media TumbledAluminum,SteelReduced but visibleOn requestNAMet after tumbled
AnodizeType Il AnodizeAluminumReduced but visibleOn requestClear, Black, PantoneMet after anodizing
Type Ill Hardcoat AnodizeAluminumVisible under anodizingNoBlack, NaturalMet after anodizing
Chemical FinishesPassivationStainless Steel, CopperReduced but visibleNoNAMet after passivation
Black OxideCopper, SteelVisibleNoBlackMet after coating
Chromate ConversionAluminumVisibleNoClear,GoldMet after coating
Electroless NickelAluminum,SteelReduced but visibleNoMetallic (semi-bright)Met after plating
ElectropolishingAluminum,SteelRemoved on primary surfacesAlways cosmeticNAMet after electropolishing
ElectroplatingGold PlatingSteel, CopperPolishing before platingAlways cosmeticGoldMet after electroplating
Silver PlatingSteel, CopperPolishing before platingAlways cosmeticSilverMet after electroplating
Zinc PlatingSteel, CopperPolishing before platingAlways cosmeticNatural,Black, ColorfulMet after electroplating
Spray CoatingPowder CoatingMetalsRemovedAlways cosmeticBlack, White, PantoneMet after powder coating
Painting SprayMetalsRemovedAlways cosmeticBlack, White, PantoneMet after painting spray
Teflon CoatingMetalsRemovedAlways cosmeticBlackMet after Telfon coating
Part MarkingLaser EngraveMetals, PlasticsVisibleNoNATolerances not affected
Silk ScreeningMetals, PlasticsVisibleNoNATolerances not affected
Heat TreatmentHeat TreatmentSteelVisibleNoNAMet after heat treatment

Cosmetic Finishes

Surface finishes serve dual roles, either functional or aesthetic. When they accomplish both, they are termed cosmetic finishes, ideal for enhancing the appearance of cosmetic parts. Ensuring flawless cosmetic part production involves taking extra precautions to minimize imperfections such as hang marks and tool-induced scratches.


Primary machining marks will still be visible.

Cosmetic On Request

Finishes can be either cosmetic or non-cosmetic as per request.

Cosmetic By Default

These finishes will always serve a cosmetic function.

Defining an A and a B side

Surface finishing processes can introduce aesthetic imperfections on your parts, such as hang marks in the case of anodizing. To maintain a pristine appearance in critical areas, consider defining an A-side and B-side in your design:


This represents the most visually significant surface, typically the one seen by users.


This refers to the less critical surface, usually hidden from view after assembly.

We guarantee defect-free production for the primary A-side of your part. Meanwhile, minor defects like hang marks may be present on secondary B-side surfaces. Rest assured, both A-side and B-side surfaces will be free of scratches, stains, and blemishes.

Will The Part Have

Primary Surface

Secondary Surface

Scratches, stains, blemishes



Hanging marks


Minor hanging marks

Other minor defects


Up to 2 minor defects

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