Design Tips

Access fast tips for crafting plastic, metal, and elastomeric parts via CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, 3D printing, and vacuum casting. Prioritize design efficiency to speed production and lower costs.

Design Tips

Get professional design tips for different machining processes.

3D Printing Design Tips

Vacuum Casting Design Tips

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Cost Reduction

Making small design changes can save your time and money.

Basic Design

Sometimes you need quick confirmation about elements of your designs and thebest advice is to go back to basics.

Complex Design

Get past the basics and delve into the deeper questions of how to model parts withcomplicated geometries and features.


Design defects happen sometimes. lt's important to know in advance how to avoid the most difficult ones.


We stock rich plastics for CNCmachining and 3D printingservices. Each has its own benefits and quirks. These design tips will get you ahead of any issues.


From dangerously sharp edges to corrosion, there's a lot to think about whendesigning metal parts. Learn how to avoid the big problems with these design tips.

Design Essentials

We have compiled our most essential manufacturing tips into downloadable design guides on CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication 3D printing and vacuum casting. Each looks at improving manufacturability, reducing production costs through design, material selection, and more.

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