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PEEK CNC Machining

PEEK is high-performance with exceptional mechanical properties and chemicals over a really broad temperature level range.

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PEEK CNC Machining

PEEK is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic that can continuously run at temperature levels up to 260 ° C. It is a high-temperature resin utilized in safety-critical industries such as clinical, aerospace, and auto. The high-performance product supplies great chemical and warm resistance, in addition to flame retardancy, and gives outstanding toughness and dimensional stability.

Machining PEEK enables a vast selection of applications that take advantage of this product’s phenomenal residential properties. PEEK has extremely few disadvantages when compared to various other engineering plastics. One advantage that sets it apart is its heat resistance. It can run at high temperatures for longer than many other plastics. Additionally, PEEK is hydrophobic, so it does not conveniently absorb water, and it also outgasses really little under vacuum problems. This security is a wonderful possession. PEEK’s uses consist of clinical applications for short-term implants completely to aerospace parts subjected to extreme vacuum.

Glass-filled PEEK is a high-performance plastic with excellent rigidness, strength, and durability. The enhancement of glass fibers improves its capability to maintain dimensional stability also in harsh thermal and chemical settings. This product is typically made use of in the adhering to markets: airplane, auto, clinical, chemical, semiconductor, and microwave.

PEEK Properties

Ultimate tensile strength Yield strength Young’s modulus (modulus of elasticity) Elongation at break Hardness UV resistance Application
PEEK 70.3 – 103 MPa 87 – 95 MPa 3.76 – 3.95 GPa 30 – 150 % 26.1 – 28.5 HV Good Bushings & bearings Seals & back-up rings Pump & valve components Medical instrumentation Food processing machinery components Learn More

PEEK CNC Machining Surface Finishes

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Cost-saving Design Tips

Because of the material’s high cost, overhead costs must be minimized. One method to help manage the expense of CNC machining in PEEK is by requesting annealing during manufacture. This might lower surface area and internal fracturing, which will certainly minimize the scrap rate and lower general prices for the producer.


Yes, PEEK (polyetheretherketone) can be machined to a variety of surface finishes. In high-stress/high-temperature applications, PEEK is a great lightweight substitute for most soft metals. It’s resistant to moisture, wear, and chemicals.

PEEK can be 3D printed. Its unique properties allow for the creation of almost any complex geometry, some of which cannot be manufactured using other technologies. The slower the 3D printing speed, the more accurate the end result.

PEEK has a melting point around 341°C (646°F). It has the ability to maintain stiffness and can be used continuously in temperatures up to 260°C (480°F). It can also be used in hot water or steam without compromising physical properties.

PEEK is often used in the following industries: aircraft, automotive, medical, chemical, semiconductor and microwave to manufacture items used in demanding environments, including pumps, bearings, HPLC columns, compressor plate valves, cable insulation, and piston parts.

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