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What is sheet metal fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication uses laser cutting, turrets, brake presses, and panel bending to form parts and components with uniform wall thickness through cutting, punching, and bending. Sheet metal fabrication or forming allows for a high amount of flexibility during a product’s design, prototype, and production ramp.

With absolutely no marginal tooling investments, products can swiftly relocate from prototyping to production. It is more cost-effective than CNC machining.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Sheet Metal Bending

Threading & Chamfering

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Sheet Metal Fabrication Materials

20+ popular materials for sheet metal fabrication machining. We can help source for you if your need is not listed.


Aluminum is a pure metal that is easily alloyed with small amounts of other materials like copper, manganese, silicone, or magnesium. It is not magnetic or combustible and has good electricity conductor. It offers good corrosion resistance and is easy to form and process. It is often used because of its weight.

Avialable: 5052, 1060, 6061, 6063

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a wide range of sheet metals that contain at least 10% chromium. Standard or austenitic stainless steel is very common and does not require heat during the manufacturing process. These alloys are corrosion resistant, forming and welding friendly. Many different grades are available.

Avialable: 201, 304, 316


Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper. It has excellent electrical conductivity, and is easy to machine. With low friction properties and gold-like appearance, brass is commonly used in the architecture sector to manufacture gears, locks, pipe fittings.

Avialable: H65, H62


Copper can be shaped into many different shapes. Copper is a metal with good strength and hardness. It also has superior thermal and heating conductivity and corrosion resistance. It is therefore a material that is valued for both its aesthetic and functional properties.

Avialable: T2

Spring Steel

Spring steel are primarily used to manufacture springs as the steel will return to its original shape after twisting or load bearing. Spring steel usually requires heat treatment to obtain the desired spring and rebound properties. Carbon steel can be used for little springs, but huge springs are best when an alloy is made use of.

Avialable: 65MN

Cold Rolled Steel(CRS)

Cold rolled steel is essentially hot rolled steel that has gone through an additional rolling process at room temperature.This additional processing produces a steel with closer tolerances and a broader range of finishes. The result is an increase in strength by as much as 20% compared to hot rolled steel.

Avialable: SPCC,SAPH

Hot Rolled Steel(HRS)

Hot rolled steel is produced when steel is processed by a series of roll presses at temperatures over 1700°F. The procedure creates steel that is conveniently formed or formed into large pieces and is best-made use where resistances aren't as vital. HRS has good formability and weldability properties.

Avialable: Q235,45C

Cold Galvanized Steel

Cold galvanized steel has a zinc covering repainted to the steel surface area to shield it from deterioration. The coating will certainly supply both obstacle protection and a galvanic defense to help prolong the life of the product. It can be applied with brushes, rollers, sprayers, or through electro-galvanizing.. The paint includes special binders.

Avialable: SGCC

Sheet Metal Fabrication Materials

Laser CuttingSheet BendingMaterial  Standard SizeMaterial Thickness
Linear Tolerances: X.XXHole Diameter TolerancesAngularXYZ Tolerances1.2 m × 2.4 m, or 1.5 m × 3.0 mT<1.0mm1.0 mm≤ T<2.0mm2.0 mm≤ T <5.0mm5.0 mm≤ T<20.0mm
Tolerances+1-0.20 mm+/-0.08 mm,+/-0.5 degree+/- 0.20 mm+/- 0.05+/-0.05+/-0.07+/-0.20
Sheet Metal Laser Cutting
Max Hole DiameterArea = (π (diameter)2 ) / thickness
Corner RadiusMinimum R0.2
Standard Sheet Size1.2 m × 2.4 m, or 1.5 m × 3.0 m
Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Tolerance
Linear Tolerances: X.XX+/- 0.20 mm
Hole Diameter Tolerances+/- 0.08 mm
Material Thickness Nominal Value
T<1.0mm+/- 0.05 mm
1.0 mm≤ T<2.0mm+/- 0.05 mm
2.0 mm≤ T <5.0mm+/- 0.07 mm
5.0 mm≤ T<20.0mm+/- 0.20 mm
Sheet Metal Bending
Main Factors
AngleAny angle is possible
RadiusFrom 1.0 mm to 16.0 mm
MaterialSome materials (e.g., aluminum 6061) will start to crack at 120 degrees
Multi BendsAnything can be bent, but there is a need to consider the origin location
Angular Tolerance+/- 0.5 degree
XYZ Tolerance Sheet Bending0.30 mm

Sheet Metal Fabrication Finishes

Surface finishes are applied after fabrication and can change the appearance, surface roughness, hardness and chemical resistance of sheet metal components.

As Machined

Components as provided as cut, no additional therapy applied. Sharp edges are damaged and deburred for risk-free handling. For any type of crucial sides that need to be left sharp, please note and specify them in your drawings. For metals, as machined can be Ra 1.6 or Ra 3.2. For plastics, as machined usually refers to Ra 3.2.


Anodizing enhances aluminum parts' rust resistance, boosting wear resistance and firmness, and safeguarding the metal surface. Type II and Type III are both available. For Type II, it can be in different colors, clear, black, red, and gold are most usual. Type III layer is thicker and is better put on resistant and deteriorating immune.

Spray Coating

Spray coating normally includes the application of spray painting, powder coating, and Teflon coating for different covering materials and technologies. Spray painting and powder finish can have rich shades like black, white, red, and others. For powder coating, it can be glossy and matte. For spray painting, it can be shiny, matte, textured, metal.

Metal Plating

Electroplating is a surface treatment procedure that can enhance the deterioration resistance, hardness, conductivity, attachment, and decoration of sheet metal components. We offer vast layering options, gold plating, silver plating, zinc plating, copper plating, nickel plating, and chrome plating.

Mechanical Finishes

Mechanical finishing is a process that involves generation of different-looking surface textures on metal by brushing, tumbling, or bead blasting the surface. Its benefits lie in the aesthetic appeal and is also a great choice for covering and blending any imperfections or unwanted lines and marks that might appear as a result of the manufacturing process.

Part Marking

Part marking is an economical way to add logos or custom-made text to your layouts and is frequently used for custom components. Laser engraving and silk screening are 2 cost-effective techniques that permit better versatility with your design. They are an excellent alternative for logos and lettering that are tough to create with manufacturing alone.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a material processing technique that involves heating and cooling materials to adjust their properties, including hardness, strength, toughness and more, to meet specific engineering or manufacturing requirements. Spring steel 65Mn must undergo heat treatment to acquire elasticity. S7 harnness can be increased by heat treatment.

Chemical Finishes

Chemical finishing includes chromate conversion gold, chromate conversion clear, passivation, black oxide, adodine, electropolishing. Chemical finishing can remove blemishes from a part, alter its conductivity levels, extend its lifespan, and even increase its resistance to wear and corrosion of the sheet metal fabrication parts.

Why ECOREPRAP Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Consistent Quality Every Time

We strictly implement a quality management system to ensure consistent, expected quality on the products. Full inspections also make sure you receive precision machined parts devoid of unwanted defects.

Professional Engineering Support

Work with our engineering experts that offer technical design guidance and inform you on manufacturability and cost-saving solutions. Free and accurate quotation with DFM review in 12 hours and lead time as fast as 3 days.

Strong Manufacturing Capacity

From prototyping to mass production, ECOREPRAP combines high-quality materials with state-of-the-art technologies to bring products to life. 100+ materials and 20+surface treatments are provided.

Worldwide Shipping Solution

Through international express DHL/ FEDEX, you will receive qualified parts within 3 to 7 days. For bulk orders, sea or rail transportation services are provided to reduce the shipping cost.

Other Machining Services

Precision CNC Machining Service

Get your parts CNC machined in 80+ metals and plastics. From one-off prototyping and on demand production, all your needs can be met here.

3D Printing Service

Get your parts 3D printed with SLA, SLS,MJF, SLM or FDM. Surface treatment like polishing, dyeing, and painting are all available.

Vacuum Casting Services

Vacuum casting is a custom manufacturing method used for the production of small series of functional plastic parts, materials including ABS-Like,PMMA-Like,PC-Like,PP-Like,Rubber-Like,Silicone.

Sheet Metal Fabrication FAQs

ECOREPRAP provides laser cutting, metal bending, punching, welding, press fitting, stamping. Abudant surface finishes are available including anodizing, powder coating, heat treatment and more.
At ECOREPRAP, depending on customer’s specifications, we use hot rolled steel , cold rolled steel, aluminum,stainless steel and spring steel. For other materials, contact us and we will source for you.
For laser cutting, we can achieve linear tolerances of +/- 0.2 mm, and for holes diameter tolerances, we can achieve +/- 0.08 mm tolerances.
For CNC sheet bending, we can achieve angular tolerances of +/- 0.5 degree, and for XYZ tolerances sheet bending, we can achieve 0.3 mm tolerances.
Deburing and edge breaking are standard procedures for all sheet metal fabrication parts.
ECOREPRAP caters to both one-off prototype and large-scale production runs. Thus, there is typically no strict MOQ. Whether you need a single part or thousands, ECOREPRAP aims to provide a solution.
Lead times can vary based on the complexity of the design, the chosen material, and the current workload. Parts machined as fast as 1 day! But for an accurate estimate, it’s best to request for quotes directly.
Sheet metal fabrication serves various industries: automotive (vehicle parts), aerospace (aircraft parts), construction (components like HVAC ductwork), electronics (enclosures), and more. Its versatility allows production of everyday to specialized items.

Let's get your projects started, together.