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Copper Sheet Metal Fabrication

Copper has excellent thermal and electric conductivity and is very formable, making it an exceptional material for sheet steel applications.

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Copper Sheet Metal Fabrication

Industrial copper sheet steel has high purity scores and is generally supplied in two variations. Both of these variations include greater than 99% copper with the rest being contaminations like oxygen, lead, or silver. It is extremely flexible, making the use of copper for sheet steel applications simpler than various other much less ductile materials.

Copper has exceptional thermal and electric conductivity and is highly formable, making it an exceptional product for sheet steel applications. Due to these homes, markets such as aerospace, auto, and chemical processing on a regular basis make use of copper for sheet metal construction.

Copper 101, or oxygen-free copper is a highly pure type of metal (99.99% Cu). This high purity provides outstanding conductivity, so it is usually referred to as HC (high conductivity) copper. It is highly ductile and though it has a tendency to work harden, it does so at a sluggish rate. C101 can be hardened to make it less complicated to create. This high level of conductivity and ductility make it ideal for electrical sheet steel applications like basing strips, anodes, and breakers.

Coper 110, additionally known as T2, “C11000” or “Cu-ETP,” is a usual sort of copper alloy. It is a high-purity electrolytic copper alloy, usually including over 99.9% copper. T2 copper is renowned for its high electric and thermal conductivity, and it has widespread usage in electronic devices, electrical design, telecoms, and numerous other applications. It is frequently utilized in the manufacturing of electrical wires, cable televisions, published circuit boards, and electric components. T2 copper is an important design product, particularly in applications where excellent conductivity is called for.

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Copper Sheet Metal Fabrication Application


Electrical and Electronics: Copper is widely used in electrical wiring, cables, circuit boards, and electrical connectors due to its excellent electrical conductivity.


Pipes and Plumbing Systems: Copper pipes are utilized in water supply systems and plumbing due to their corrosion resistance and reliability.


Construction and Building: Copper can be used in architectural decoration, roofing materials, flashing, and drainage systems.


Artwork and Sculpture: Because of its aesthetic qualities, copper is often used in sculptures, decorative artwork, and musical instruments.


Food Contact Materials: Copper's corrosion resistance and non-reactive nature make it suitable for manufacturing food processing equipment and kitchen utensils.

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