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What is sheet metal threading and chamfering?

Threading is the process of creating screw threads on a part, allowing it to be fastened to other components using screws, bolts, or other threaded fasteners. This is typically achieved through processes like tapping, where a threaded tool is used to cut helical grooves into the metal, or by using threaded inserts or nuts that are attached to the sheet metal.

Chamfering involves the removal of certain degree angled bevel or edge from the material. This is done to reduce sharp corners, making the edges safer to handle and reducing the risk of injury. Chamfering can also be done for design and aesthetic purposes.

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Please pay attention to the factors when choosing threading and chamfering.

Sheet Metal Threading
MaterialSteel, aluminum, and stainless steel
Thread SizeM2 to M8
Thread Type Quantity / Part #≤ 2 thread types (size)
XYZ Tolerances± 0.30 mm
Max Distance Between 2 Threads≤ 200.0 mm
Note: Thread size dimension and tolerances to be designed in your 3D and 2D to enable quotation and fabrication.
Sheet Metal Chamfering
MaterialSteel, aluminum, and stainless steel
Chamfer Angle30° ± 2°,45° ± 2° and 60° ± 2° angles are accepted.
ChamferMax width 6.0 mm
XYZ Tolerances± 0.30 mm
Chamfer Max Material ThicknessBetween 1.5 mm to 6.0 mm
Max Chamfer LengthUp to 100.0 mm
Thread Metrics (MM) DesignationPitch(MM)MAJOR DIAMETER (MM)
M2 x 0.40.380.4222.148
M2.5 x 0.450.430.472.52.66
M3 x 0.50.480.5233.172
M3.5 x 0.60.580.623.53.698
M4 x 0.70.680.7244.219
M5 x 0.80.780.8255.24
M6 x 10.981.0266.294
M7 x 10.981.0277.299
M8 x
Thread Metrics (MM) DesignationPitch(MM)MAJOR DIAMETER (MM)
#2 – 560.4330.4732.1342.234
#3 – 480.5090.5492.4652.565
#4 – 400.6150.6552.7952.895
#5 – 400.6150.6553.1253.225
#6 – 320.7740.8143.4553.555
#8 – 320.7740.8144.1164.216
#10 – 241.0381.0784.7764.876
#12 – 241.0381.0785.4365.536
1/4″ –
5/16″ – 181.3911.4317.8887.988

Sheet Metal Threading & Chamfering FAQs

The answer is simple and abvious, yes! A huge range of connectors and fittings is currently available on the global market. As a result, ensuring the appropriate threads for your applications becomes increasingly difficult. A wide variety of design rules, and the material impacts of threading steel, aluminum or other materials requires a great deal of precision to guarantee the longevity and proper functionality of the final product.

The thread should be positioned a sufficient distance from the edge of the piece to ensure that the material left is strong enough not to bend or break off. Other than that, threads can be positioned most anywhere on the part, though there are limitations to thread size and depth laid out below.

Threads can be added to all of the sheet metal materials, though in general, when cutting threads, they will last longer and hold up better in harder materials. Softer metals, such as aluminum, will have less durable threads simply due to material strength.

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