PC ABS Filament

Product details:

Place of Origin:Shenzhen, China

Certification:Rohs, SGS


Color:Natural and Black



PC ABS filament is the alloy of PC and ABS material, it has the strength and heat resistance of polycarbonate. Compared to polycarbonate, PC ABS filament is easier to print and more flexible. This is the advtantage of ABS.

The nature of PC ABS filament is pale yellow. Like ABS, PC abs is also petroleum base plastic. It feels like oil on the surface of resin.

PC abs combine the advantage of PC and ABS, it is one of the most widely used engineer thermoplastics in many areas, including automobile, electronic and so on.

Print setting with PC ABS filament

Print head: 250-270 degree

heated bed: 100-120 degree

Speed: 50 mm/sec

PC ABS is a fussy polymer to work. Processing is more challenging. You need to try more times to figure out the best printing parameters. In order to minimal wrap and good layer adhesive, we recoomed to use enclosure when print with large diameter model.

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