Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Service

Rapid sheet metal manufacturing service for your request. Send the design files, you will get a free instant quote in a short time.

Our manufacturing capabilities

laser cutting

Laser Cutting and welding

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Stamping Bending and forming

surface finishing part

Surface Finish

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Why choose us

laser cutting machine

Complete Equipment

We have the complete equipments. In addition to stamping equipment, other special equipments are also available, such as high precision laser cutting machine, CNC automatic stud welding machine, custom small leveling machine (very important for flatness of panel), laser welding machine.

All the manufacturing process will take over in our plant, this could short the lead time and save your cost.

Quality Management

1, Each process is based on drawings or samples;

2, Follow the ISO9000 quality control path;

3, 100% inspection on costmetic surface parts;

4, Specially reinforced packing to protect the parts from damage in transit

metal bending part

Sign NDA

We signal the NDA with our client in the start stage. Each worker ought to take pre-input corporation education to observe our manufacturing flow, in order that maintain corporation statistics security.

NDA might be signed on board date. As properly as for all our providers should signal NDA. For date security, we use the ISO27001. All the records might be securely saved at our personal community centre.

Customer talk about us

“I have been using their CNC machining service for a few months now and I can’t recommend them enough. They offer quick turnaround time and their prices are very competitive. I will continue to use them in the future! “


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