Product details:

Place of Origin:Shenzhen, China

Certification:Rohs, SGS


Color:more than 10



Package:Valcuum sealed


Silk filament is one type of PLA filament which has a beautiful glossy model, it looks like a silk-like shiny surface. This filament is based on PLA filament, both of them are supported with most of the 3d printers in the market.

Compared with PLA filament, silk filament has lower wrap in printing. The print part has a high gloss, smooth surface. It is the ideal material for the creative model, such as Iron man.

Apart from solid color, we also have metal color silk filament, it is silk gold filament, silk copper filament, silk silver PLA filament, and silk bronze filament.

Silk PLA filament settings:

Printer temperature: 190-230 degree

Heated bed: 50-70 degree

As we have said, silk filament is composited with PLA filament. It is also easy to print. Silk filament has excellent layer adhesive and no enclosure is a need. Meanwhile, the model has a brilliant finish and there is no need for extra surface treatment.