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Wood filament is a composite that combines PLA plastic with finely powdered wood material. Mostly are wood dust, cork, and other powdered wood derivatives. Typically, wood composite filament consists of around 20-30% wood particles, These presences of these particles gives the 3D printed parts with real wood finish. Wood fill filament is less abrasive in printing, since wood powder are much softer. This is different from other filaments, such as carbon fiber filled and metal filled. The main ratio of wood materials is standard PLA, printer settings that work well with PLA should work well enough for wood filaments. 3d printing with wood filament is also easy to work with and low shrinkage. This allows you to maximize cooling while printing, allowing for a stronger build. The combination of wood and PLA results in a composite filament that is largely biodegradable. During printing, wood filament can emit wood like smell. The most important is that wood filament can deliver the models superior aesthetics look. Prints made from wood filaments have a finish that comes very close to the naturally grainy look of real wood.

Printing with wood filament

Extrude Temperature: 190-220 degree Heated bed: 50-60 degree Build Surface: blue paint tape, stick glue


Frequently Asking Questions

1. Does this filament require a hardened nozzle?

Wood fiber will wear the nozzle fast, you need a hardened steel nozzle when printing with the wood filament.

2. Are these filaments universal for all 3D printers?

Yes, wood filament PLA is based on PLA material, both of them could work well for all printers.

3. What is the print temps recommended for this filament?

Compared to normal PLA filament, nozzle temperature should lower in printing with the wood filament. Wood fiber is easy to scorch and jam in the nozzle.