3D Printer Filament

pla filament black

PLA Filament

Low printing temperature and no odor in printing.

ABS Filament blue

ABS Filament

High strength and easy to work with.

petg filament orange

PETG Filament

High transparency and mechanical strength.


TPU Filament

High elasticity and great surface.

ABS Filament blue

Silk Filament

The silk-like surface on the 3d prints, the base material is PLA.


Wood Filament

Wood infill material has wood texture in the surface.

asa filament 1.75mm

ASA Filament

Similar to ABS material and have better UV resistance.

PC Filament

PC Filament

High transparent and heat resistance.

PC / ABS Filament Natural

PC ABS Filament

Good performance in impact strength and chemical resistance.

Nylon Filament Natural

Nylon Filament

Flexible and high durability

Carbon Fiber PLA 3D Printer Filament

Carbon Fiber PLA Filament

Carbon fiber reinforced PLA with high flexibility.

3D Printer Carbon Fiber PETG Filament

Carbon Fiber PETG Filament

Carbon Fiber reinforced PETG has better strength.

Flame retardant ABS filament white 2

Fire Retardant ABS Filament

good fire retardant ability.

5kg pla filament large spool 02

5KG PLA Filament

large spool for PLA filament, such as 2kg, 3kg, and 5kg.

Tpe filament

TPE Filament

High elasticity and impact strength.