TPU Filament

Product details:

Place of Origin:Shenzhen, China

Certification:Rohs, SGS


Color:More than 10



TPU, Thermoplastic PolyUrethane, it is environmentally friendly material with excellent properties of high tension, high tension, strength, toughness and aging resistance. TPU has been widely used in medical and health, electronic appliances, industry and Sports, etc. The unique feature is higher elasticity, TPU is the most used 3d printing flexible material now.

Tpu also has the properties of high strength, good toughness, wear resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, aging resistance and weather resistance that other plastic materials can not match. at the same time, it has a high waterproof moisture permeability, wind, cold, anti-bacterial, anti-mildew, warm, anti-uv and energy release and many other excellent functions .

According to molecular structure, TPU could divide into polyester and polyether type. The shore hardness of tpu filament could range from 60A to 80D.

3D Printer settings:

Printer temperature: 190-230 degree

Heated bed: 50-60 degree

Speed: 15-30 mm/sec

Layer thickness: over 0.1mm

Test method
Shore A
93DIN ISO 7619-1
Shore D
1.24DIN EN ISO 1183-1-A
Tensile strength
55DIN 53504-S2 / ISO 37
Elongation at break
600DIN 53504-S2 / ISO 37
Stress at 20 % elongation
6DIN 53504-S2 / ISO 37
Stress at 100 % elongation
MPa9DIN 53504-S2 / ISO 37
Stress at 300 % elongation
MPa13DIN 53504-S2 / ISO 37
Tear strength
95DIN ISO 34-1Bb
Abrasion loss
30DIN ISO 4649-A
Compression set at room temperature
%25DIN ISO 815
Compression set at 70 °C
%45DIN ISO 815
Notched impact strength (Charpy) + 23°C
no break
DIN EN ISO 179-1
Notched impact strength (Charpy) – 30°C

Frequently Asking Questions

1. What is tpu filament shore hardness?

Our stanard type is 95A TPU filament.

2. Do you provide 2.85mm Tpu filament?

Yes, we also make 2.85mm tpu filament for customer. Sometime, we just have 1.75mm in the stock.

3. Is tpu filament food safe?

Tpu is non-toxic and environmentally friendly material. Some types of TPU can be used for medical materials and come into contact with food

4. Do you provide Tpu filament sample?

Yes, we could provide samples for your testing.

5. How to print tpu filament?

Frankly speaking, tpu filament is not easy to print. You need to search the best temperature with nozzle and the speed should be much slower.

6. Is tpu filament uv resistance?

TPU filament do not have anti-UV property. Tpu will yellowing under the influence of UV. Only anti-UV TPU types has anti-UV performance.

7. Is tpu filament stringing?

Due to the high flow ability, tpu filament will be string in printing. For this problem, you could try with lower temperature.

8. How to set tpu filament retraction?

Tpu filament is flexible in natural. We do not recommend reraction in setting, if not, tpu filament is easy to jam in extrusion struction.

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