Top 10 Global CNC Machine Manufacturer Brand

Updated: December 19, 2023

According to revenue(2021 by CCID), the top 10 global CNC machine manufacturer brands are Mazak, TRUMPF, MAG, AMADA, Okuma, Makino, GROB, Haas, and EMAG. The table below shows their revenue, established year and main business.

Top 10 CNC machine brand


Let’s learn more about each brand one by one.

Top 1: Mazak

Mazak Corporation is a leader in the design and manufacture of productive machine tool solutions. The company was founded in 1919 in Nagoya, Japan by Sadakichi Yamazaki.


Today, Mazak maintains a strong presence in major global markets, including the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Oceania, and Japan. They committed to continuously improve the technical capabilities, support infrastructure and other functions of their global operations to provide the best possible products and services to customers worldwide.


As for their main production, the excellence can be seen in Mazak’s advanced and diverse product range, from the simplest to the most complex CNC (Computer Numeric Control) systems. The product ranges include CNC lathes, multi-tasking machines, machining centers, Hybrid Multi-Tasking machines, and automation systems.


Moreover, Mazak is also recognized for its software solutions designed to improve the performance and productivity of the machine tools they manufacture.


Top 2: TRUMPF Group

TRUMPF is a leading global high-technology company, offering cutting-edge solutions in the fields of machine tools, laser technology, electronics, and power tools. Established in 1923 and headquartered in Ditzingen, Germany, the company operates through a network of subsidiaries and branch offices across the world, serving customers in a wide range of industries such as automotive, construction, electronics, aviation, and aerospace, among others.


The main production offerings of TRUMPF can be categorised into five core areas: Machines & Systems, Lasers, Power Electronics, Power Tools, and Software. Their Machines & Systems product range includes solutions for 2D and 3D laser cutting, laser welding, punching, and bending.


The Lasers category features a variety of lasers such as disk lasers, fiber lasers, and diode lasers for various industrial applications. Power Electronics consist of plasma excitation and inverters, while Power Tools encompass slitting shears, nibblers, and panel cutters.


Furthermore, TRUMPF also provides software solutions for enhancing the effectiveness of their machine tools and systems



DMG MORI is a leading global manufacturer of machine tools, boasting an expansive offering that caters to various industries at a global scale. The company merges German and Japanese tradition, precision, and technological leadership in the field of Machine Tools. The firm operates worldwide, including the USA, and provides comprehensive solutions and services, from innovative cutting-tool technologies to complex automation systems.


DMG MORI’s main production lies in its diverse range of machine offerings. The product highlights include the CMX 1100 V and DMU 50 3rd Generation, which are powerful and adaptable solutions for a wide array of machining tasks.


Additionally, they offer the NHX 4000 and NHX 5000, innovative machines designed for high precision and productivity, as well as NLX 2500, an advanced lathe machine. These products underscore DMG MORI’s commitment to delivering exclusive and robust solutions, optimal for different industrial applications.



FFG Europe & Americas is a leading technology provider specializing in machine tools and systems. The company, boasting of 15 renowned manufacturers, serves as a technological pioneer in the machining industry.


FFG’s network includes esteemed manufactures and suppliers across various industries such as automobile and commercial vehicle industry, aerospace, mechanical engineering, metalworking, rail transport technology, energy technology, and heavy industry.


In terms of production, FFG’s portfolio is vast and diverse. The company’s main productions include but are not limited to machining centers and CNC systems, heavy-duty machining, multispindle & rotary transfer technology, turning technology, gear cutting technology, and grinding technology.


Their products are highly sought after for their precision and reliability, which is validated by usage across different sectors in the world. Whether it’s high-speed machining or the development of complete process chains for prototype production, FFG covers a wide range of industrial needs.



Amada is a global corporation specializing in the development and production of advanced machine tools for various industries. The company, which has a strong international presence, aims to grow together with its customers by creating new value based on their perspectives.


Amada is dedicated to contributing to the manufacturing processes carried out by customers worldwide, leading not only to the development of local communities but also the international community as a whole.


Amada’s main production focus revolves around providing products and services that cater to the ever-changing needs of their customers. They emphasize maintaining customers’ trust and seeking mutual growth.


TOP 6: Okuma

Okuma is a global corporation primarily engaged in the production and distribution of machine tools. Originating from Charlotte, NC, Okuma has partnered with Morris South to venture into the realm of advanced manufacturing.


Besides, Okuma regularly organizes events such as the ‘Morris South Race to Automation Event’ and the ‘Okuma MVP [Most Versatile Products] Days’ that seeks to introduce businesses to an evolving manufacturing environment.


Okuma also features the ‘Partners in Technology’ initiative, a collaboration network of over 45 companies dedicated to service the metal-cutting and manufacturing industry. These companies commune together to solve problems and venture into new productivity ideas for real-world manufacturers.


Additionally, Okuma believes in seamless customer service, offering help for clients to find the perfect machine tool for their shop and providing a readily available request for parts and service.


TOP 7: Makino

Makino is a leading CNC machine tool manufacturer specializing in machining centers, software, digital solutions, and automation systems. The company is committed to providing reliable, consistent, and innovative CNC machines that can accelerate productivity and reshape various industries. With game-changing digital technology and unmatched expertise, Makino creates unique solutions tailored for businesses of any size.


Makino’s main production covers a range of high-quality machines that offer reduced waste and repair. Their product lineup includes machining centers, where they employ the latest innovations to improve efficiency.


Additionally, Makino specializes in automation systems, which are expertly designed to reduce costs and streamline processes. The company also offers engineering services, catering to every stage of operations, and extends support and training to customers, ensuring seamless setup and operation.



GROB is a prominent player in the manufacturing and automation systems industry. With a solid reputation built over 95 years, GROB has established itself as a market leader for its highly creative and innovative portfolio.


The company has an impressive international reach, with thousands of employees situated across Germany, Brazil, the USA, China, Italy, and India. Notably, GROB believes in continuous growth and evolution, evidenced by the organization’s dynamic history and comprehensive range of products.


Regarding production, GROB shows versatility in its product offerings. Its primary products include various machining technologies, such as modular special-purpose machines, universal machining centers, and turn-key systems. GROB’s machine technology repertoire further expands to include 4-axis and 5-axis machining centers, and 5-axis mill-turn machining centers.


The company is also forward-thinking, taking a significant interest in advancing e-Mobility with products dedicated to e-Motor, battery, and fuel cell production. Furthermore, GROB develops assembly systems, additive manufacturing capabilities, and digitization.

TOP 9: Haas

Haas Automation Inc is a globally recognized leader in the CNC machine tools industry. With a solid commitment to innovation, quality, and dependable customer service, Haas has built an impeccable reputation well-regarded across the globe.


Haas is dedicated to offering top-notch CNC tools required in the modern machining environment, providing valuable services such as machine financing options and local distributor help.


The company’s main production is focused on a vast range of machine tools, categorized into vertical mills, lathes, horizontal mills, rotaries and indexers, and automation systems. The catalog features Automated Parts Loaders, Gantry series, Multi-Axis Solutions, Vertical and Horizontal Milling Centers, and many more.


Additionally, Haas offers a variety of spindles, tool changers, and probing systems, showcasing the company’s commitment to providing comprehensive machining solutions to its clients.



EMAG is a specialized machine tools company gaining authority in turning lathes and grinding machines. Their mission centers around offering precise, forward-thinking technology to improve the operations of various industries. The company’s line of products and services extends globally, demonstrating its commitment to excellence and innovation in machining improvements. In addition, EMAG provides extensive technical support and service assistance to ensure optimal machine performance.


Regarding production, EMAG’s product offerings are diverse and extensive. Their main products include various machines suited for different applications—Turning Machines, Grinding Machines, Machining Centers and Milling Machines, Gear Cutting Machines, and more. The company also excels in providing advanced ECM (Electro-Chemical Machining) and PECM Machines, Laser Welding Machines, and Laser Cleaning Machines.


Furthermore, EMAG emphasizes digitalization and automation solutions—providing services like track motion and automation cells—highlighting its devotion to technology advancements and automated processes.


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